SNL Transcripts: (None): 04/11/81: SNL is Improving


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 6: Episode 12

80m: (None) / Jr. Walker & The All-Stars

SNL is Improving

…..Chevy Chase
…..Christopher Reeve
…..Robin Williams

(Open on Robin Williams, Chevy Chase, and Christopher Reeve standing together on home base. Chevy admiringly has his arms around the two other men)

Chevy Chase: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a few extra seconds here and I just want to say a few words about–

(Chevy gets interupted by cheers and applause as he smiles and takes a bow while Robin makes a comedic gesture with his arm)

Chevy Chase: I just want to say for a few seconds about “Saturday Night Live”. Uh, it’s had its ups and downs. It’s had some great hosts. Uh, it’s uh…well, it’s on its way back up again and I know that some of my good friends are gonna back me up with that and I thank them for being with me tonight. Thank you for backing me and thanks for being with me.

(Robin and Christopher look at Chevy disapprovingly)

Christopher Reeve: [shaking his head] No, no.

Robin Williams: Uh, thanks. (They both walk off the stage)

Chevy Chase: Please? (points at the camera) I have friends. I have friends that will back me. Okay, how about Jr. Walker. Won eight gold records. You want to hear him? (Cheers and applause) All right. Okay.

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