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  Season 7: Episode 1

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October 3rd, 1981


Rod Stewart

Michael Davis

Swifty Lazar

Tina Turner

Andy Warhol

Andy Murphy
NBC: “Our Age Is Showing”Transcript

MontageNote: James Caan was scheduled to host this episode, but he dropped out because his sister was in the hospital being treated for bone marrow cancer.

The Little Richard Simmons ShowTranscript

The ClamsSummary: Brian DePalma’s latest cinematic rip-off features clams attacking the town folk of Bodega Bay, California,

Nuns On The Beach

A Few Minutes with Andy RooneyRecurring Characters: Andy Rooney.


Prose & ConsSummary: America’s hottest new writers are coming straight out of prison. Tyrone Green (Eddie Murphy) is but one example.

Recurring Characters: Tyrone Green.


Rod Stewart performs “Dance With Me”

Rod Stewart & Tina Turner perform “Hot Legs”

SNL Newsbreak with Brian Doyle-Murray & Mary GrossSummary: A preview of Tom Snyder (Joe Piscopo) hosting the “Tomorrow” show in Spanish. Raheem Abdul Mohammed (Eddie Murphy) wants to know why there aren’t any black people in the movies.

Recurring Characters: Tom Snyder, Raheem Abdul Mohammed.


The Khaddaffi LookTranscript

Rod’s One-Night StandTranscript

The FuneralTranscript

Andy Warhol’s TVTranscript

Michael DavisSummary: Michael Davis collectively juggles a knife, an axe, and a cleaver.


“Season Of Glass”Summary: Christine Ebersole invites viewers to submit their own home videos, then introduces a film by Yoko Ono about John Lennon.

Rod Stewart performs “Young Turks”


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