SNL Transcripts: 10/03/81: The Khaddaffi Look

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  Season 7: Episode 1

81a: (none) / Rod Stewart

The Khaddaffi Look

Rod…..Tim Kazurinsky
Ruth…..Robin Duke

[Libyan leader Muammar Khaddafi is shown performing various tasks in the style of a Jordache Jeans commercial]

“He’s a liberated Libyan with an independent mind.
He’s a dominating leader who is working overtime.
He’s got the look the Third World is after.
He wants to be the OPEC master.
Drillin’ (woo-ooo), killin’ (woo-ooo)
Invadin’ Chad, Khaddaffi has the look that’s bad!
The Khaddaffi look, the Khaddaffi look.”

Announcer: Whether you’re extending your territorial waters or just chopping off a criminal’s hand, do it in clothes by Colonel Muammar Khaddaffi.

Singer: “The Khaddaffi look, the Khaddaffi look…”

Submitted by: John Ravetti

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