SNL Transcripts: Susan St. James: 10/10/81: Let’s See What’s Bothering Bob

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  Season 7: Episode 2

81b: Susan St. James / The Kinks

Let’s See What’s Bothering Bob

Bob…..Brian McConnachie
Wife…..Mary Gross

[ open on 50’s-style suburban neighbrhood, with SUPER: “Let’s See What’s Bothering Bob” ]

[ pan down to Bob’s house and into his front window, to find him reading the newspaper in his favorite chair ]

Narrator: This is Bob. He doesn’t seem to be himself today. I wonder what’s bothering him? [ Bob reaches for his pipe, but accidentally knocks over his glass in the process ] Maybe he’s just not having a good day.

[ cut to Bob’s wife and daughter doing needlepoint on the sofa ]

Narrator: His wife Ellen has noticed it, too.

[ Ellen expresses a look of concern in Bob’s direction ]

[ cut to Bob sitting at a desk, working on the family finances ]

Narrator: He seems to be working with numbers all the time. Wonder what’s on his mind?

[ cut to Bob looking out the window ]

Narrator: Oh, well… maybe it’s just the weather.

[ cut to Bob standing in front of the family station wagon, which he gices a swift kick ]

Narrator: Wonder what made him do that? That car’s been his pride and joy.

[ cut to Bob mowing the lawn with his push mower ]

Narrator: He’s not mowing the lawn with his usual vigor, either.

[ his kids watch silently from an upstairs window ]

[ cut to Bob entering the kitchen ]

Narrator: Whatever it is… it’s bothering Bob.

[ cut to close-up of the family dog lying on the floor ]

Narrator: Even ol’ Wally seems to know ,i>something’s up.

[ cut to Bob losing his appetite at the dinner table ]

Narrator: Never known Bob to turn down Ellen’s peach pie before. What’s he thinking about?

[ cut to Ellen and the kids in the family room, as Bob enters ]

Narrator: Well… looks like he’s FINALLY made up his mind about something. And Bobby and susie think it’s about time.

[ Bob starts to say something, but stops himself ]

Narrator: Wait a minute. Looks like he’s forgotten something. What could it be?

[ Ellen and the kids continue on with what they were doing, as strange sounds are heard from the kitchen. They look up to ee Bob re-enter the family room pulling the cord on a chainsaw. ]

[ dissolve to the camera panning away from Bob’s house, as his kids run across neighboring lawns to safety ]

Narrator: Oh. That’s it.

[ fade ]

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