SNL Transcripts: Susan St. James: 10/10/81: Push Button To Explode Building


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 7: Episode 2

81b: Susan St. James / The Kinks

Push Button To Explode Building

by: Andy Aaron & Tom Davis

Woman…..Emily Prager
Man…..Tom Davis

[ open on close-up of street sign: “Push Button To Cross Street” ] [ pan upward to reveal close-up of second street sign: “Push Button To Explode Building” ] [ a Woman walks up to the corner and pushes the button to cross the street, looks both ways, then crosses ] [ cut to full shot, which now reveals building across the street, as a man approaches, reads both signs, then pushes the button to cross the street ] [ second Man runs forward, not even looking at the signs, as his hand reaches out and pushes the button to explode the building behind him ] [ sirens sound ] [ the Man jumps, then realizes he’s pushed the wrong button and wuickly pushes the button to cross the street in order to accomodate for his mistake ] [ the building suddenly explodes and crumbles to the ground, as the Man tries to casually sprint away from the scene without making eye contact across the street behind him ] [ smoke and an eerie silence fills the air ] [ cut to SUPER:

TOM DAVIS” ] [ fade ]

SNL Transcripts

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