SNL Transcripts: Donald Pleasence: 10/31/81: Vomiting For Luck


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  Season 7: Episode 4

81d: Donald Pleasence / Fear

Vomiting For Luck

…..Donald Pleasence
…..Eddie Murphy
…..John Belushi

[ open on Donald Pleasence, dressed in his “Profiles In British Courage” costume, standing before a bathroom mirror ]

Donald Pleasence: “Live from New York…” [ he starts over ] “LIVE! From…” Oh, I’m terrified. I feel ridiculous. Uh… “Live! Saturday Night!” “Saturday Night… LIVE!” “Live! From New…” [ suddenly, Eddie Murphy enters ] Hello?

Eddie Murphy: Hey, Donald Pleasence!

Donald Pleasence: Hello.

Eddie Murphy: How you doing?

Donald Pleasence: I’m alright… I’m just scared to death. I was running over a few of my lines.

Eddie Murphy: Yeah? Why? Yuo gonna be FUN, man. You shouldn’t br worried about it. It’s gonna be fun, you’re a funny guy, Donald.

Donald Pleasence: Really?

Eddie Murphy: Yeah. Piece of cake. Excuse me for a minute. [ Eddie heads for a stall ]

Donald Pleasence: Oh. I see.

[ Eddie enters a stall, then retches into a toilet ]

Donald Pleasence: Oh, God… do they all do that? Are you alright?

Eddie Murphy: What?

Donald Pleasence: Eddie, are you alright? I mean, are you alright?

Eddie Murphy: Yeah. I’m just vomiting, man — for luck.

Donald Pleasence: For luck?

Eddie Murphy: [ wiping his cheek ] You don’t vomit, man?

Donald Pleasence: Have I vomit? I haven’t throw up enough for that. You do it for luck?

Eddie Murphy: You didn’t vomit before you filmed “Halloween”?

Donald Pleasence: I vomited after I saw the film, but… no! No, because it was scary, a scary film.

Eddie Murphy: Yeah, I vomited, too — same reason. Well, look, man, we all vomit for luck.

Donald Pleasence: I’m not superstitious, and I don’t really feel like being sick.

Eddie Murphy: Well, you do whatever you want to do, man. I might vomit again a little later, but… [ Pleasence laughs uproariously ] Take it easy.

Donald Pleasence: I just feel scared.

Eddie Murphy: You’ll be alright, man.

Donald Pleasence: Okay, have a nice show.

Eddie Murphy: You, too! [ he exits the bathroom ]

Donald Pleasence: Ha! I like that! [ he snaps his fingers ] Show time! Show time! Oh, I suppose there’s no harm in… [ he glances toward the stalls ] trying… [ he sticks his finger down his throat and rushes into a stall and retches ]

[ suddenly, John Belushi exits the next stall, peers into the mirror and fixes his hair. The audience applauds wildly as he stares into the mirror, then approaches a urinal as the scene fades and the opening montage begins ]

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