SNL Transcripts: Bernadette Peters: 11/14/81: Making Love Alone


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 7: Episode 6

81f: Bernadette Peters / The Go’Go’s, Billy Joel

Making Love Alone

written by: Cheryl Hardwick and Marilyn Suzanne Miller

…..Bernadette Peters

[ open on Bernadette Peters standing before piano ]

Bernadette Peters: [ singing ] “A log thrown on a fire… two profiles met as one
The igniting of desire in the air.
But when there’s just one profile, and yet desire grows
Despite the fact there’s no one else to care.

Must romance be abandoned as it’s fanning its own flame?
Waiting to burst full-blown?
There’s a special kind of bliss, not engendered by a kiss.
Surreptitiously indulged in less well known.
For when one cannot make love with another…
One can still make love alone.

There’s a certain special magic, to the touch of your own hand.
And a special thrill of knowing that you will for sure be feeling grand.
And that tender smell of rapture, you don’t have to try to postpone
that’s what it’s like when you’re making love alone.

Oh, the sweet, sweet sound of your own breathing, as the sky turns pale pink to hot
and the special thrill of knowing that you will not catch God-only-knows what. It’s the kind of love that fits hand in glove, and bursts like a bud full-blown.
That’s what it’s like when you’re making love alone.

Who can describe the special sweetness of knowing the speed that you’re going is right?
And is there anything as thrilling as trying to keep the book open, to page 24 all night?

And, oh
The calm and tender door you have taken, so lovely, an object of love addiction
It’s trite, but there’s nothing quite so sweet, as sweet nothings you say to yourself.
?????, you may outgrow your own.
That’s what it’s like when you’re making love alone.

The wondrous hue of aberration, as you listen to your own sighs
And the pools of perfect adoration, as you see you in your eyes.
It’s the kind of love that fits hand in glove
When the lips that meet are your own.

‘Cause the date you can’t see their faces
The one who knows all the best places
Who’ll never ask your sign on the phone
Due to the simple magic of making love
Not taking, faking, or mistaking love
But The simple magic of making love alone
Save on cologne!

That’s what it’s like when you’re making love alone!”

[ fade ]

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