SNL Transcripts: Bill Murray: 12/12/81: Goodnights

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  Season 7: Episode 8

81h: Bill Murray / The Spinners


…..Bill Murray

[ Center stage: a somewhat somber Bill Murray gathers with the cast, the Spinners, and the Yale Whiffenpoofs. ]

Bill Murray: Well, we’ve had a very good time, uh, here tonight. Here in the studio, what all of us don’t know and what we just found out is that the uh, members of the Solidarity in Poland were all arrested, and the country’s been taken over by the Soviets. So, we’ve had a lot of laughs here and The Spinners, y’know — it’s no joke, Jim. It’s real sad. And the Spinners were here and great, and these poor stiffs from Yale think this is the biggest night of their lives and now they gotta go in the army. [ everyone laughs except Bill ] But uh, it’s Christmas, and uh, there’s still a bargain to be had in Fort Lee, New Jersey. There’s still uh, things you can pick up, when people are not watching in, in various department stores, here in Manhattan anyway. But our hearts should be with — and they are, with the good people of Poland. God bless them, every one. Good night, everyone.

[ Applause. They all wave goodbye as the credits roll. ]

Announcer: Be sure to be with us two weeks from tonight, for Saturday Night Live, with guests Rod Stewart, Tina Turner and Yoko Ono. This is Bill Hanrahan saying good night.

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