SNL Transcripts: Bill Murray: 12/12/81: MX-5 Tampons

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 7: Episode 8

81h: Bill Murray / The Spinners

MX-5 Tampons

Father Guido Sarducci…..Don Novello

[ open on Father Guido Sarducci kneeling before table with product ]

Announcer: [ with SUPER: ] Father Guido Sarducci, for MX-5 Tampons.

Father Guido Sarducci: Maybe you-a think it’s-a strange to-a see a man doing an ad for tampons. But you don’t have to be-a Brenda-a Vacarro to know that some tampons work better than other ones. I know that-a Branda-a’s brand promises you could go swimming, you could play tennis, even that you could run in it. But-a, only the new MX-5 Tampon promises that-a you can-a go on a trampoline. MX-5 Tampon. It’s-a the tampon-a of circus stars! So-a, don’t be-a misled by-a Brenda’s-a brand. Don’t-a be outfoxed by Vacarro. Get-a the new MX-5 Tampon. [ he holds up the box ] MX-5 Tampons is-a the vision of-a Baskin-Robbins!

[ fade ]

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