SNL Transcripts: James Coburn: 02/06/82: Reach Out And Touch Someone

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  Season 7: Episode 11

81k: James Coburn / Lindsey Buckingham

Reach Out And Touch Someone

[ open on Elderly Couple seated in their living room ]

Elderly Woman: Arthur?

Elderly Man: What’s that, Ma?

Elderly Woman: I’ve been thinking – Jimmy’s been with us for almost three days now. I’ll bet his mother misses him.

Elderly Man: Three days, is it?

Elderly Woman: I’m sure she’d love to talk with him. Arthur, supposin’ you get him?

[ Elderly Man rises to retrieve Jimmy ] [ dissolve to Elderly Couple holding the phone for Jimmy ]

Mother on Phone: Hello?

Jimmy: Mommy?

Mother on Phone: Jimmy? Jimmy, is that you?

Jimmy: Hi, Mommy!

Mother on Phone: Oh, baby, I miss you. Are you being a good boy?

Jimmy: Yes, Mommy.

Mother on Phone: Are you brushing your teeth?

Jimmy: Yes, Mommy. I miss you, Mommy.

Mother on Phone: I know you do, swetheart.. I miss you, too. But don’t worry, you’ll be home soon.

Jingle: “Reach out.. reach out and touch someone.

Reach out.. reach out, and just say hi..”

[ Elderly Woman grabs the phone ]

Elderly Woman: Hi. I want that $50,000 in unmarked bills, or you’ll never see your kid again.

[ pull back to reveal little Jimmy tied with rope, as Elderly Couple shake hands for their kidnapping efforts ]

Jingle: “Reach out.. reach out and touch someone.”

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