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  Season 7: Episode 14

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March 20th, 1982

Robert Urich

Mink De Ville

Buhweet and De Dupreems

He’s No Burt Reynolds


Buhweet And De DupreemsSummary: Burt Reynolds (Robert Urich) introduces Buhweet (Eddie Murphy) and Da Dupreems, who perform a medley of unintelligible Motown hits for the audience.

Recurring Characters: Buckwheat.

Reach Out And Touch SomeoneNote: Repeat from: 02/06/82.

Paul Harvey Radio NewsRecurring Characters: Paul Harvey.

Focus on FilmRecurring Characters: Raheem Abdul Mohammed.

Buy a Bullet for a Hungry Kid

Reagan & Dr. StrangeloveRecurring Characters: Ronald Reagan, Ed Meese

Mink De Ville performs “Maybe Tomorrow”

Fur: You Deserve It!

Golden Age School of ObedienceSummary: Obedience trainer (Eddie Murphy) keeps elderly family members (Tim Kazurinsky, Robin Duke) in line like dogs.


SNL Newsbreak with Brian Doyle-MurrayRecurring Characters: Dr. Jack Badofsky.

Koala Embryo

Headline Challenge

Low Class Italian Theater

Mink De Ville performs “Love & Emotion”

The Thing That Destroyed Tokyo

John Belushi TributeSummary: Brian Doyle-Murray pays tribute to the recent death of John Belushi.



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