SNL Transcripts: Robert Urich: 03/20/82: John Belushi Tribute

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  Season 7: Episode 14

81n: Robert Urich / Mink De Ville

John Belushi Tribute

…..Brian Doyle-Murray

[ Home Base. Brian Doyle-Murray stands alone facing the camera. ]

Brian Doyle-Murray: As you all know, since our last live show, we lost our friend and colleague, John Belushi. John was an original cast member of Saturday Night Live, and someone I worked with, uh, for many years, both here and in Chicago. John put me up when I first came to New York, and took care of me. Once, he and I were, uh, running down Bleecker Street in the Village, uh, during a snowstorm, and, uh, we were running around with our heads down and our hats pulled over our eyes — couldn’t see where we were going — we came to a corner, and uh, John yelled at me, uh, “Look out!” and shoved me aside. And uh, I turned just in time to see him get hit by a 10-ton truck. The right bumper caught him, he flew up into the air and uh, landed on the curb, and got up and dusted himself off, and uh, seemed perfectly all right. An ambulance came, he didn’t want to get in it, and uh, so we went to St. Vincent’s Hospital anyway, and they x-rayed him, and he was, perf, perfectly all right. Nothing wrong with him at all.

So uh, so he saved my life, and uh, I always thought he was indestructible. So uh, speaking for the current cast, the, the band, the staff backstage, and the crew here in the studio, hundreds of people who knew and worked with John, we mourn his death and we miss him very much.

[ A moment of silence. Fade to a wider shot of Brian on stage, followed by a bumper with Belushi. ]

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