SNL Transcripts: Blythe Danner: 03/27/82: Goodnights

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 7: Episode 15

81o: Blythe Danner / Rickie Lee Jones


…..Eddie Murphy
…..Joe Piscopo
…..Blythe Danner

[ the cast surrounds Blythe Danner on the stage. She is now dressed in the tuna fish costume, and smiles meekly ]

Eddie Murphy: How about a round of applause for Blythe Danner! How about that!

[ audience applauds wildly ]

Eddie Murphy: This woman — this woman, huh! This woman looks great in this fish outfit. [ Blythe laughs ] But the star of this program has to be Joe Piscopo’s dog, All-Star!

[ Joe Piscopo bwnds down to pull his dog closer to the stage ]

Eddie Murphy: Come on, All-Star! Do your thing!

[ All-Star doesn’t feign biting joe again, so hep icks up the dog’s paws and waves to the cameras as the credits begin to roll ]

Joe Piscopo: Good night!

SNL Transcripts

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