SNL Transcripts: Johnny Cash: 04/17/82


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  Season 7: Episode 17

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April 17th, 1982

Johnny Cash

Elton John



Akira Yoshimura

Clint Smith
The Train of Life


The HoneyrooneysSummary: Andy Rooney (Joe Piscopo) points out the idiosyncrasies of “The Honeymooners” while starring in an episode.

Recurring Characters: Andy Rooney.


Elton John performs “Empty Garden”Transcript

Frankie’s Last RequestSummary: Death row inmate Frankie (Eddie Murphy) makes a last request to hear Johnny Cash sing “99,999 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.”


SNL Newsbreak with Brian Doyle-Murray & Christine EbersoleRecurring Characters: Dr. Jack Badofsky.

Johnny Cash performs “I Walk The Line”, “Folsom Prison Blues” & “Ring of Fire”

Hail to the ChiefSummary: Bored after returning from his vacation in Barbados, President Ronald Reagan (Joe Piscopo) amuses himself by directing Margaret Thatcher (Mary Gross) and Leopoldo Galtieri (Brian Doyle-Murray) to kiss and make out.

Recurring Characters: President Ronald Reagan, Ed Meese, Margaret Thatcher.


Jay Clay Gets DepressedSummary: A clay figurine contemplates suicide in a Timothy Hittle claymation film.

Tegrim ShampooSummary: Kathy’s (Robin Duke) roommate (Christine Ebersole) shows her how to use Johnny Cash’s dark clothing to detect her problem dandruff.


Elton John performs “Ball & Chain”Transcript

The Train PoetSummary: While riding a train, a Poet (Johnny Cash) recides an ode to the romance of the rails.


Black TalkSummary: Two black men (Eddie Murphy, Clint Smith) ramble to one another.


Johnny Cash performs “Sunday Morning Coming Down”


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