SNL Transcripts: Chevy Chase: 09/25/82: Tyrone Green

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  Season 8: Episode 1

82a: Chevy Chase / Queen

Tyrone Green

Felice Sloan-Duchamps…..Robin Duke
Tyrone Green…..Eddie Murphy
Man #1…..Brad Hall
Woman…..Mary Gross
Man #2…..Gary Kroeger

[open on a fancy gallery setting with a buffet table and many upper-class society types]

Felice: Ladies. Ladies and gentlemen. Please, if I could have your attention. As you know, every fall we here at the Felice Sloan-Duchamps Gallery take pride in debuting the creme de la creme of the New York arts scene. At that is why it is today that with great joy I introduce to you that Harlem Renaissance man, the artistic mouthpiece of the black community, artist, poet, and felon, author of the famed “Kill My Landlord,” Tyrone Green!

[applause from the crowd as Tryone enters]

Tyrone: Thank you Felice whatever your damn name is. I’m-a let you bougie white people know something. I’m in here speaking to y’all, but I don’t like being here talking to you bougie white trash.

Man #1: He speaks with such candor.

Woman: Brutally direct.

Tyrone: I’d rather be at home on my houseboat on the Harlem River, secluded from the people, creating my art.

Felice: Oh, well, Tryone, why don’t we just go around here piece by piece, and you can describe some of your work?

Tyrone: Okay, bitch.

[they walk to a black canvas with images of a radio, sneakers, and a bag of Fritos]

Tyrone: I call this one, “Rodney Johnson’s Bad Luck.”

Man #2: Mr. Green, what does this represent.

Tyrone: You wanna buy this painting, man?

Man #1: [turns to Man #2] Well, yes, we were considering it for our study.

Tyrone: What does it represent? It represents that Tyrone Green no longer has his radio, and his sneakers and his Fritos is gone.

Woman: Well, what exactly was Mr. Johnson’s bad luck?

Tyrone: He fell asleep on my couch when I was in a bad mood.

Man #2: What a concept!

Felice: [beckons everybody over to a green canvas with images of a whstle, badge, and hat] Now, Tyrone, I believe that this piece is entitled, “Sleeping Security Guard at the A&P.” Now, can you tell us a little bit about it?

Tyrone: It’s just that. A security guard fell asleep at the A&P, so he no longer has his whistle, and his badge and his hat is gone. The situation is also as such.

Man #1: Brilliant, that is art!

Man #2: The man is clearly a genius. Why, this is the greatest work since Warhol. It really is.

Felice: [escorts Tyrone and the rest of the group towards a blue canvas with images of a jacket, glasses, and a briefcase] Now, Tryone, tell us what was your inspiration for this?

Tyrone: This is my favorite one. I call it “Smart-Ass White Boy Blue.” I got the inspiration when I was coming home from work the other day, and I saw this smart-ass white by. I thought I’d bring him down. So his situation is also as such, as you can see.

Felice: [brings the group back to the table] Well, everbody, now we’d like to open the floor to some questions.

Woman: Mr. Green! Mr. Green! Have you ever considered studying in Paris or, say, one of the other major art capitals of the world?

Tyrone: No, I hate Puerto Ricans.

Man #1: Mr. Green, you’re obviously such a Renaissance man. You paint, you write poetry. What’s next for you?

Tyrone: Windsurfing. And I’m currently writing a screenplay.

[the crowd applauds appreciatively]

Woman: How did you get interested in conceptual art?

Tyrone: I was living with a white woman, much like yourself, and her husband died. He had many paintbrushes and sets of glue about the house.

Man #1: Tyrone, now everyone here knows that you’re most famous for writing “Kill My Landlord.” Do you suppose that you could recite that for us?

Tyrone: No! Shut up! I will recite my latest poem that I wrote about you bougie white trash scum. It’s called “I Hate White People” by Tyrone Green.

I hate the sunlight and I hate the night.
I hate white people because they is white.
Their hair is wavy, their lips is thin,
But worse than white women, I hate white men.
Walking around with briefcase and money,
Bust they head open, my ain’t that funny?
Not out of anger and not out of spite.
I just hate whitey because they is white.
W-I-T-E people.0

[attendees applaud and ask for autographs]

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