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  Season 8: Episode 2

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82b: Louis Gossett, Jr. / George Thoroughgood & The Destroyers

The Web

[ shown: exterior of house at night ]

Announcer: It’s a beautiful summer night. A perfect night for aburglery.

[ cut to close-up of a wallet and watch being picked up from a dresser,then burgler leafing through wallet ]

This man is a thief. But now you can stop him before he steals yourvaluables. Before he threatens your family’s security. Now you can stop that burgler – and this is important – before he can get out of his own house!

[ burglar opens front door of his house to prowl into the night, but aseries of alarms suddenly go off, scaring him bback inside ]

Thanks to The Web, by Sentronex. Remember.. he won’t get into your house if he can’t get out of HIS!

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