SNL Transcripts: Michael Keaton: 10/30/82

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  Season 8: Episode 5

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October 30th, 1982

Michael Keaton

Joe Jackson

Michael Palin

No Cue CardsSummary: Michael Keaton is distraught to learn that cue cards won’t be available for tonight’s broadcast.


Michael Keaton’s MonologueAlso Hosted: 92f.

The Interesting FourRecurring Characters: The Human Stapler, Weather Woman, Seiko, Mr. Wonderful.

Scary Story

Thank You, Ron Reagan

Teddy BearsTranscript

Joe Jackson performs “Steppin’ Out”

Saturday Night News with Brad HallRecurring Characters: Raheem Abdul Muhammed.

Political Campaign, Behind-the-Scenes

Topol the Idiot

The Nutty ProfessorRecurring Characters: President Ronald Reagan.

Joe Jackson performs “Another World”

Gory Pumpkin CarvingNote: Repeat from 10/31/81.


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