SNL Transcripts: Bruce Dern: 03/12/83: Buckwheat Jeans

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 8: Episode 15

82o: Bruce Dern / Leon Redbone

Buckwheat Jeans

Voice…..Mary Gross
Buckwheat…..Eddie Murphy

[FADE IN on a man’s sneakers and pantlegs, then pan up along his body. He is whistling the theme to “Our Gang” off-key.]

Voice: [off camera] Calvin Klein? Mm-mm.

Jordache? Mm-mm.

Sassoon? Mm-mm.

[SHOW Eddie Murphy in suspenders and Buckwheat wig as he stops whistling.]

Buckwheat: Buh-wheet? Yes! [grins] [Eddie stands up, bends over away from the camera, and displays his butt.]

Voice: Buckwheat Jeans!

Buckwheat: Otay!

[Buckwheat peers past his leg and signals “ok” with his right hand. ZOOM IN on the word “OTAY” printed in white above his left back pocket. FADE OUT.]

Submitted by: Joe Cornfield

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