SNL Transcripts: Susan Saint James: 04/16/83

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  Season 8: Episode 18

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April 16th, 1983

Susan Saint James

Michael McDonald

Steven Wright

The Exercises of LoveRecurring Characters: Velvet Jones.


Susan Saint James’ Monologue

Sit On It!

Tootsie Cosmetics

TexxonNote: Repeat from 02/26/83.

The Hidden Paradise

Michael McDonald performs “If That’s What It Takes”

Saturday Night News with Brad Hall

Our GenerationTranscript

Steven Wright Stand-Up

Takin’ Care Of Business

Reagan and Deng XiaopingRecurring Characters: Ronald Reagan.

Eddie Murphy Kills Time

Michael McDonald performs “I Can’t Let Go Now”

Magic Fish NegotiationsSummary: Susan St. James reads her son a bedtime story about a peasant (Eddie Murphy) who catches a magic fish (Mary Gross) and hires lawyers (Tim Kazurinsky, Brad Hall) to protect his interests.



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