SNL Transcripts: Betty Thomas: 11/05/83

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November 5th, 1983

Betty Thomas

Stray Cats


  • Jesse Jackson

    Recurring Characters: Jesse Jackson.

  • Betty Thomas’ Monologue

  • Memorex Video Tape

  • James Brown’s Celebrity Hot Tub Party

  • Elvis As Curly

  • Special Report

  • Stray Cats perform “She’s Sexy + 17”

  • Unanswered Questions Of The Universe

    Recurring Characters: Havnagootiim Vishnuuerheer.

  • You Win A Dollar

  • Perfectly Frank

  • Swan Lake Flashdance

  • Saturday Night News with Brad Hall

    Recurring Characters: President Ronald Reagan.

  • Jane Fonda’s Pregnancy Workout

  • Gumby’s Life Story

    Recurring Characters: Gumby.

  • Switzerland Under Control

    Recurring Characters: President Ronald Reagan.

  • Stray Cats perform “I Won’t Stand in Your Way”

  • Transsexual Support Group Meeting

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