SNL Transcripts: Jerry Lewis: 11/19/83


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November 19th, 1983

Jerry Lewis



Loverboy, “Working For The Weekend”.

  • Jerry Lewis’ Heart Surgery

    Lewis dreams that Dr. Dean Martin (Joe Piscopo) performs his heart surgery.

    Recurring Characters: Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr.

  • Jerry Lewis’ Monologue

    Joe Piscopo & Eddie Murphy declare Lewis the true King of Comedy.

  • What Famous Person Do You Look Like?

    Citizens in the street confess their lookalikes.

  • The Forum

    Stupid people on panel are last to know of 20-year-old JFK assassination.

  • The Parachute

    One parachute, two skydivers (Lewis, Eddie Murphy), and a plug for NBC.

  • Cornet

    Rosemary Clooney (Jim Belushi) promotes Cornet toilet tissue.

  • Entertainment Tonight

    Celebrity interviews.

  • Fascinating People & Their Friends

    Jew (Lewis) pretends to be in a sports league to get on show.

  • Thanksgiving Dinner

    Rebellious college freshman (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) comes home for Thanksgiving.

  • Larry’s Corner

    Larry (Brad Hall) talks to the luckiest man on Earth (Gary Kroeger).

  • Loverboy performs “Working for the Weekend”

  • Jerry Lewis’ Translator

    French film translator (Tim Kazurinsky) thinks “King of Comedy” is an actual comedy.

  • Saturday Night News with Brad Hall

    Acceptable narration of “The Day After”.

    Jim Belushi doesn’t want to debate on “The Day After”.

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus complains about the length of her segment.

    Mary Gross is fed up with holiday traditions.

    Jim Brown (Eddie Murphy) wants credit for Dirty Dozen run yardage.

  • Impersonation Tips

    Lewis gives pointers to Joe Piscopo and Eddie Murphy

  • Gusty

    Gusty (Jim Belushi) honors the whales with a song.

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