Studio Rain Delay


Studio Rain Delay

…..Tom Seaver
…..cast of “Saturday Night Live”
…..Ron Luciano

[ open on rain pouring down in the studio ] [ SCROLL: “Saturday Night Live… Rain Delay… Please Stay Tuned…” ]

Tom Seaver: Well, we’re here at Saturday Night Live, and, as you can, seem it’s coming down pretty hard here. You know, it’s been raining all day, it’s really a mess out there. There’s umpire Ron Luciano, he’s checking the stage. He doesn’t look very happy – of course not. He’s the guy who’s gonna have the final decision on whether or not to cancel the show tonight. Boy, this is really a shame.

I’m Tom Seaver. You know, “Saturday Night Live” has been on the air for nine years now, and, to the best of my knowledge, this would be the very first time they’ve been cancelled because of rain. And what a shame that would be. We have a capacity crowd here tonight, and they would really be disappointed. Many of them have been waiting all day long – some of them sleeping outside in sleeping bags so they could get tickets.

And, wait a minute, we’ve got a biggie now. Just in case the show is cancelled, NBC does have “Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein”. We’ve got that standing by. I think Bela Lugosi’s in that one, too.

You can see a few of the members of the cast here on the stage. Timmy up there, and Mary Gross. The Belush-man, Jim Belushi, up at the top. I know these kids would love to get this game in the show, and they’re really gamers. They’re troopers, the show must go on, and that’s what they really believe.

On the stage here, as you can see, it’s still wet. A couple of them here.. Julia’s here and Gary’s here. I know, Gary, you had a great show last week, and I know you’d like to get this one in, ’cause you’re on a roll and things have really been going well for you.

Gary Kroeger: I’m very excited.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Me, too.. yeah.

Tom Seaver: Nice talking to you. [ moves along ] The Smothers Brothers, our hosts. I don’t want to get you wet. I know you would hate to see this one get washed out, wouldn’t you?

Tom Smothers: Oh, we’ve been cancelled so many times before, Tom, I’d just hate to see it happen again.

Tom Seaver: Don’t want it to happen again. You have been cancelled! [ laughs ] Yeah, you’re right! [ moves along ]

Well, we’ve got a couple of chipmunks here, I guess.. Brad and Robin.. maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if we did get cancelled, I don’t know.. [ moves along ] Pisco! Old buddy Pisco! How you doing, buddy?

Joe Piscopo: How you doing, Tom?

Tom Seaver: I know you feel badly out here, you guys have been in the trenches working hard all week, you must feel pretty disappointed about all this, huh?

Joe Piscopo: Uh, not really, Tom, you know I’ve never seen “Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein”, you know? I’m looking forward to seeing that, Bela Lugosi’s in that one, you know?

Tom Seaver: I think he is, you’re right. What’s going through your mind right now?

Joe Piscopo: Well, I’d like to kill the guy playing that organ.

Tom Seaver: [ laughs ] I don’t think I’d blame you! [ the rain slows down ] You know what, wait a minute, wait a minute.. Hold on here.. it is. It is letting up! Holy cow, we might get this one in! Look at it! Hey, they’re rolling out the carpet, the crew’s coming out! I think Luciano wants to play this one!

Ron Luciano: [ final call decided ] “Live, from New York, it’s Saturday Night!

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Author: Don Roy King

Don Roy King has directed fourteen seasons of Saturday Night Live. That work has earned him ten Emmys and fourteen nominations. Additionally, he has been nominated for fifteen DGA Awards and won in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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