SNL Transcripts: Flip Wilson: 12/10/83

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December 10th, 1983

Flip Wilson

Stevie Nicks

Joel Hodgson

Stevie Nicks, “Stand Back”

  • Salon Dion

    Recurring Characters: Dion Dion, Blaire.

  • Flip Wilson’s Monologue

  • Sleazy Christmas Exchange

  • Cramped Airline Restroom

  • Unanswered Questions Of The Universe

    Recurring Characters: Havnagootiim Vishnuuerheer.

  • Hello, Trudy!

  • Stevie Nicks performs “Stand Back”

  • Older Sisters of the Young

  • Solomon & Pudge

    Recurring Characters: Solomon, Pudge.

  • Joel Hodgson

  • The Reverend

  • Crazy Weinstein

  • Shoelace Tier

  • Saturday Night News with Brad Hall

  • Classical Station Ad

  • Stevie Nicks performs “Nightbird”

  • Goodnights

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