Michael Jackson Public Service Ad


Michael Jackson Public Service Ad

Stagehand…..Tim Kazurinsky
Michael Jackson…..Eddie Murphy

[FADE IN on a shot of Eddie Murphy as Michael Jackson, performing “Billie Jean” onstage as seen from the wings. He lip-syncs the end of the song for about 10 seconds, and then canned applause takes over, and the man walks almost prissily backstage. A stagehand holds out a towel as Eddie runs in.]

Stagehand: Beautiful, beautiful! Beautiful!

Michael Jackson: [in an effeminate voice] Thank you, thank you! [to camera] Thank you all! Um, I’d to talk to you men out there for a moment.

[audience laughs]

Michael Jackson: Not long ago, I wrote a song called “Billie Jean,” and I’m afraid it was misunderstood by everyone. A lot of people thought I actually did get a girl pregnant and then walked out on her. But believe me, nothing could be further from the truth.

[audience roars with laughter]

Michael Jackson: Take it from me, Michael Jackson, fellas. It’s beautiful that, to love somebody, and it’s wonderful, but please don’t let it get out of hand. Remember: Nice boys don’t get girls pregnant.

[SUPERIMPOSE the last line on the bottom of the screen. Michael smiles coyly for the camera and pats his face dry. FADE OUT.]

Thanks to Joe Cornfield for this transcript!

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Author: Don Roy King

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