SNL Transcripts: Michael Palin: 01/21/84

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January 21st, 1984

Michael Palin

The Motels


  • Piscopo’s Make-up Switch

  • Michael Palin’s Monologue

  • Boy George Burns, The Man & His Music

  • Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood

    Recurring Characters: Mister Robinson.

  • Mick Pitwhistle Does It All

  • Powerful Living Dog Snacks

  • Man-on-Chain Apartment

  • That’s Okay

  • “Convenience Store Robbery”

  • Would You Believe It?

  • Saturday Night News wih Brad Hall

    Recurring Characters: Dr. Jack Badofsky.

  • The Motels perform “Suddenly Last Summer”

  • Save The Plankton

  • House of Mutton

  • The Motels perform “Remember the Nights”

  • Life on the Mississippi

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