SNL Transcripts: Don Rickles: 01/28/84: Late Night 2nd Anniversary

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  Season 9: Episode 11

83k: Don Rickles / Billy Idol

Late Night 2nd Anniversary

David Letterman…..Joe Piscopo
Pee-Wee Herman…..Mary Gross

[ Fade in on center stage: David Letterman stands with his gapped-tooth grin ]

David Letterman: Hi folks-ah, my name is-ah, David-ah uh-Letterman-ah … [ applause ] … uhh, no no, uh, no no, it’s-ah, it’s time-ah once again-ah, ladies and-ah gentlemen-ah, for me to promote my second anniversary special coming up a week from tonight in this very time slot, I will show you just how silly and amusing-ah, television-ah really ah-can be-ahh. And here to tell ya about it is the mildly annoying-ah, Pee-Wee Herman-ah.

[ Applause as Pee-Wee emerges, with his trademark laugh and other mannerisms ]

Pee-Wee Herman: Hi, Mr. Letterman! Ha ha! [ Letterman giggles ] Okay, well ahhh, I think your special could be really good, aahhh-I’m gonna bring a whole bunch of toys, li-like, uhh, like this one, this is a little Johnny Carson doll, y’see, [ holds it up ] it, it’s your boss, rrrrgh! Huh hah! Yeah, yeah, like he tells you what to do and he makes a lot more money than you do and all … huh hah! Yeah. N’stuff.

David Letterman: Pee-Wee Herman, ladies and gentlemen-ah. Thank you, Pee-Wee.

Pee-Wee Herman: Yeah, huh hah! [ Exits ]

David Letterman: [ continuing ] Tune in next week for-ah all the neato hijinks on Late Night’s second anniversary special. My-ah, oh my-ah. Good night, folks-ah. [ giggles ] [ Applause, fade to bumper ]

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