SNL Transcripts: Robin Williams: 02/11/84


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February 11th, 1984

Robin Williams

Adam Ant

Paula Poundstone

  • Bobsledders

  • Robin Williams’ Monologue

    Williams does stand-up about the Olympics and being a father.

  • Buddweiser Light

    Rival ice hockey players (Williams, Joe Piscopo) battle it out.

  • Rock & Roll & Then Some

    Clarence Walker (Eddie Murphy) insists he was the fifth Beatle.

  • Wild Kingdom of Heaven

  • Gandhi & the Bandit

    Gandhi (Tim Kazurinsky) rides a big rig.

  • Firing Line

    William F. Buckley (Williams) explores the flammable black.

  • “Babies In Makeup”

    (Repeat) See: 01/23/82.

  • Mime Roommate

    Mime (Williams) annoys roommate (Brad Hall) who’s had a hard day.

  • The Playpen

    Babies (Williams, Mary Gross, Tim Kazurinsky, Eddie Murphy) plot escape.

  • Adam Ant performs “Strip”

  • Saturday Night News with Robin Williams

    Brad Hall interviews man mugged every 11 seconds (Jim Belushi).

    Tim Kazurinsky shows off New York Post headlines.

  • The Ugly Sisters Step

    Ugly sisters (Mary Gross, Robin Duke) are interviewed.

    Recurring Characters: Nina Blackwood.

  • Siamese Twins in a Bar

    Siamese twins (Williams, Jim Belushi) argue and look for women.

  • Adam Ant performs “Goody Two Shoes”

  • Paula Poundstone Stand-Up

  • Patty’s Place

    Guests (Mary Gross, Tim Kazurinsky) are behind and ahead on conversation.

  • Goodnights

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