…..Joe Piscopo
Bobsledder…..Robin Williams
Other Bobsledders…..Eddie Murphy, Jim Belushi

[ open with Olympic fanfare, pan down to Joe Piscopo reporting ]

Joe Piscopo: Hello again, everybody! Joe Piscopo, live, Saturday Night Sports! The big story! Winter Olympics! Skiing? Skating? Ice Dancing? What’s next, Olympic Snowman Building? The only real sport – bobsledding! Speed! Risk! Action! With me now – real men! Bobsledders!

[ three Bobsledders dressed in tight spandex enter ]

Joe Piscopo: Guys. Guys. You’re about to start your run, how do you feel, guys?

Bobsledders: Good, good, good! Real good!

Bobsledder: We’re confident, Joe, we’re ready to go, you know what I’m saying!

Joe Piscopo: Alright, they’re about to start the run. Good luck, guys.

[ the Bobsledders run off ]

Joe Piscopo: There they go, this sport.. is.. awesome! Let’s take a look!

[ show footage of bobsled zooming down the track, with sounds of the bobsledders screaming in fear ]

Voice of Bobsledders: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! Mama!! Mama!! Mama!!

Joe Piscopo: So much for the Winter Olympics! This is Joe Piscopo! “Live, from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”

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