Buddweiser Light

Buddweiser Light

Rockets Ice Hockey Player…..Joe Piscopo
Night Hawks Ice Hockey Player…..Robin Williams

[ camera pans on the face mask of an ice hockey player ] [ the referee drops the puck between two rival ice hockey players ]

Rockets Ice Hockey Player V/O: He’s always the top scorer in the league. I know I can beat this guy!

[ show product, Buddweiser beer can ]

Jingle: “Bring out your best!”

Announcer: The best never comes easy. That’s why there’s nothing else like it.

[ back to the ice hockey player for the Rockets ]

Rockets Ice Hockey Player V/O: He’s not so great. I can’t believe my wife ran away with him.

[ the puck is dropped ] [ Rockets ice hockey player whips his stick in the face of the Night Hawks ice hockey player; a scuffle between teams and referee ensues. ]

“Courage deep inside!
Buddweiser Light!
Bring out your best!
Buddweiser Light!
Bring out your best!
Buddweiser Light!”

[ the two ice hockey players sit on the side of the ice, bloodied in the face but enjoying a cold Buddweiser Light as ice shavings spray over them ]

Announcer: The best. You found it inside. Now you’ll find it in the beer you drink.

Jingle: “Buddweiser Light!”

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