…..Robin Williams

Robin Williams: Thank you all! We have a lot of time to kill, so I’m gonna do something for ya’! I want you all — no, no, no! There’s some things you can’t see on TV! Matter of fact, the camera guy’s going: “I can’t back up that far, I don’t even have a wide-angle lens. Don’t even think about it!” Yes! It’s been a wonderful time! Brothers and sisters, thank you! Thank you! [ shakes Jim Belushi’s hand ]

Eddie Murphy: How much time we got?

Robin Williams: How much time? Send your dollars! [ speaks in a baby voice ] I’d like to say goodbye to my son, Zachary. He’s at home right now going: “Get off!” Thank you much. Go home, take the money, the horses are going: [ in horse voice ] “Mr. Williams. You’re real strange, come home and cool out!” I just want to thank all these wonderful people! For making this week in New York fantastic! Thank you all!

Don Pardo: Tune in next week, when our host will be Jamie Lee Curtis from “Trading Places”. You know, I’m with that Eddie Murphy person. And special musical guest, The Fixx. This is Don Pardo – you thought only Robin Williams could do voices?!

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