SNL Transcripts: Michael Douglas: 04/07/84: MTV Music News

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 9: Episode 16

83p: Michael Douglas / Deniece Williams

MTV Music News

Nina Blackwood …. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

[ Opens with the MTV “rocket” logo sequence. Zoom out to reveal it’s being played on a TV monitor behind MTV VJ Nina Blackwood. ]

Nina Blackwood: Aloha! This is Nina Blackwood. [ waits for the applause ] All right! Thank you! And I’ll be doing a special interview with a brand new band with a world premiere vid-e-o! But first, here’s some music news.

[ picture of John Cougar Mellencamp appears on the monitor ]

John Cougar Mellencamp has just announced that he is changin’ his name again. Me-OW! From now on he’s gonna be known as John Cougar Mellencamp Kahuna Walla Walla Niki Pooga Weenie! Okay!

[ picture of ZZ Top appears on the monitor ]

And following the success of our “Lost Weekend with Van Halen” contest, MTV has plans for a Lost Weekend with ZZ Top — All right! — where some lucky viewer gets to spend two wild days vacationing in one of the band’s beards. Fun.

[ the MTV “astronaut” logo appears on the monitor ]

That’s the music news! We’ll be back with a special interview and a world premiere video, right after somebody tries to sell you, something …

[ Fade to the “Foldger’s Crystals” commercial ]

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