Very Hungry, Hungry Man Dinners

Very Hungry, Hungry Man Dinners

Mother…..Mary Gross
Father…..George McGovern
President Ronald Regan…..Joe Piscopo
Daughter…..Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Son…..Gary Kroeger
…..Clara Peller

[ open on welfare dinner table ]

Mother: Dinner! Everybody hungry?

Father: You bet! After a day of hopeless job-hunting, I could eat a bear! [ looks on his plate ] Oh, not surplus cheese-loaf again! This is the eighteenth day in a row!

Mother: But how can I plan an interesting menu on $11 a week? What’s a welfare mother to do?

President Ronald Reagan: [ enters foreground of scene ] Sound familiar? Well, we here at White House Foods don’t believe that poverty-line cusine has to be boring. That’s why we’ve collected starvation-level cooking from around the Third-World for our Very Hungry, Hungry Man Dinners. [ holds up box ] [ show picture of first dinner ]

Take the edge off those hunger pangs with Cambodian Paw ‘N Claw Combo! Big chunks of stray dogs and cats in a rich mud sauce.

[ show picture of second dinner ]

Put a smile on those emaciated faces with Curried Fish Heads and Bread Crusts. The dish millions of Indians paid for!

[ show picture of third dinner ]

Or, from right here at home, authentic American favorites, like Appalachian Black Ling Cake, with real chunks of coal!

[ show picture of fourth dinner ]

Or Harlem’s traditional Dead Pigeons with Paint Chips!

[ show dinner table again ]

Father: [ eating his Very HUngry, Hungry Man Dinner ] Honey, this African Dirt Pie is sensational!

Daughter: And I like the crunchy bugs!

Son: You’re a great cook, Mom!

Mother: Well, I had a little help – from the good folks at White House!

[ cut to Regan standing behind a counter full of Very, Very HUngry Man Dinners ]

President Ronald Reagan: And now, try Very, Very Hungry Man Dinners for the Elderly! Featuring low-sodium Cat Food! And Very Hungry Kid’s School Lunches, complete with two vegetables – ketchup and salt! Enough to meet 100% of my federal nutrition standards!

[ cut back to the dinner table ]

Mother: Everybody finished? [ they all say “Yeah!” ] Anybody still hungry? [ they all say “Meee!!” ] With White House Frozen Dinners, your family will never get enough!

[ show counterful of Dinners ]

President Ronald Reagan V/O: Very, Very Hungry Man Dinners. They’re a feast fit for a famine!

[ zoom out to reveal Clara Peller ]

Clara Peller: Where’s the beef?! Where’s the beef! Where’s the beef!

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