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  Season 10: Episode 1

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October 6th, 1984


Thompson Twins



Frederick Koehler
Lifestyles of The Relatives of The Rich and FamousSummary: Robin Leach (Harry Shearer) profiles Katherine Hepbuern’s cousin Nelson Hepburn (Martin Short), a hot dog vendor.

Recurring Characters: Robin Leach.



Billy Crystal’s MonologueSummary: Billy Crystal talks about the history of “Saturday Night Live” and how it relates to him getting older.

Olympics 1984: A Special ReportSummary: A filmed segment by Bruce Van Dusen shows how the Olympic torch is returned to Greece.

Rich Hall’s Election ReportSummary: Rich Hall follows Walter Mondale to multiple fundraising dinners.

Wheel of Fortune InterviewSummary: Happy-go-lucky Ed Grimley (Martin Short) auditions as a contestant on “Wheel of Fortune” contestant, despite the suicideal feelings of contestant coordinator (Christopher Guest).

Recurring Characters: Ed Grimley.

Grandpa HowardSummary: Famed sportscaster Howard Cosell (Billy Crystal) babysits his grandchildren.

Recurring Characters: Howard Cosell.

Synchronized SwimmingSummary: In a film by Claude Kerven, Would-be synchronized swimmers Gerald (Harry Shearer) and Lawrence Orback (Martin Short) set their sights on the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Recurring Characters: Lawrence Orback.


Mondale & FerraroRecurring Characters: Walter Mondale, Geraldine Ferrarro.

The Thompson Twins perform “Hold Me Now”

The BulgeSummary: In a film by Andy Breckman, a man (Jim Belushi) overstuffs his pants in a desperate bid to be noticed by women in a bar,

Saturday Night News with FernandoSummary: .

Recurring Characters: Fernando.

First Draft TheaterSummary: Early forms of Raymond Chandler’s “The Big Sleep” are performed.

Saturday Night News with Julia Louis DreyfusSummary: Bob Guccione (Jim Belushi) explains why he publishes sleaze material.

Book BeatSummary: Larry Thorpe (Christopher Guest) is unable to conduct his interview with author Wayne Kirven (Rich Hall) because he has an iron pipe through his head.

Running LateSummary: Martin Short kills time because the show is running late.

The Thompson Twins perform “The Gap”


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