SNL Transcripts: Jesse Jackson: 10/20/84

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October 20th, 1984

Jesse Jackson

Andrae Crouch

Wintley Phipps


  • Godfather Sammy

    Recurring Characters: Sammy Davis, Jr.

  • Jesse Jackson’s Monologue

  • You Know What I Hate?

    Recurring Characters: Willie, Frankie.

  • The Question is Moot!

  • Refrigerator Magnets

  • Just Kidding!

  • Ed Grimley

    Recurring Characters: Ed Grimley.

  • Tippi Turtle

  • Wrong Voice, Right Face

  • Control Room

  • Saturday Night News with Jesse Jackson

  • Andrae Crouch performs “Right Now”

  • Jesse’s Love Jones

  • Rich Hall’s Election Report

  • Soap Opera Digest Awards

    Recurring Characters: Mr. Blackwell.

  • Not in the Rainbow Coalition

  • Wintley Phipps performs “Tell Me Again”

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