SNL Transcripts: Michael McKean: 11/03/84

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November 3rd, 1984

Michael McKean

Chaka Khan

The Folksmen

Edwin Newman

The Folksmen, “Old Joe’s Place”

Chaka Khan, “I Feel For You”

  • Geraldine Ferraro

  • Michael McKean’s Monologue

  • A Message From the President of the United States

    Recurring Characters: President Ronald Reagan.

  • Baby Double

  • Fernando’s Hideaway

    Recurring Characters: Fernando.

  • The Folksmen

    Documentary film covers reunion of The Folksmen (McKean, Harry Shearer, Christopher Guest).

    The Folksmen (McKean, Harry Shearer, Christopher Guest) perform “Old Joe’s Place”

  • Buddy Young, Jr. Is Back!

    Recurring Characters: Buddy Young, Jr.

  • First Draft Theatre

  • Lucky Star

  • PBS Pledgebration

  • Chaka Khan performs “I Feel For You”

  • Strange Rabbi

  • Saturday Night News with Edwin Newman

  • Rich Hall’s Election Report

  • Walter Mondale’s Staff

  • Chaka Khan performs “This Is My Night”

  • SNL Fashion Report

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