A Message From the President of the United States

A Message From the President of the United States

President Ronald Reagan…..Harry Shearer

President Ronald Reagan: My fellow Americans.. as you know, a Constitutional amendment to allow prayer in public schools has long been one of my most cherished goals. And most folks think it’s a pretty good idea. But, our efforts have been almost blindsided by a small group of self-appointed people. People who say that, even the simplest little prayer would make their kids feel.. left out. Well, of course, the facts prove otherwise.

Earlier this week, Nancy visited a classroom in Morristown, New Jersey. And, out of 36 fourth-graders, 34 said that they’d like a morning prayer break. And no one singled out.. the remaining children. Emily Handelman, 28 Cedar Boulevard; and Gupta Ramish, 1151 north Main Street, Apt. 3A.

Even so, out of fear of offending these two, 34 good kids aren’t allowed to.. talk to their Creator in the morning. Well, that’s going to change. In my second administration, we’re going to introduce into Congress a compromise law that would give every single non-praying child.. this armband. It says, simply, “I decline to pray.” Well, it’s an easily-seen reminder to other students, of his or her religious beliefs. So, with your help on this Tuesday, November 6th.. 34 kids in New Jersey will have God back in school. And, 2 others? Well.. they won’t have a prayer.

Announcer: Paid for by Young Christians For Reagan.

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