Walter Mondale: Ex-Politician

Walter Mondale: Ex-Politician

Walter Mondale…..Gary Kroeger

[ SUPER: “Walter Mondale, Ex-Politician” ] [ Walter Mondale sits behind a desk, shaving himself with an electric razor ]

Walter Mondale: Ouch! [ turns off razor ] Does this happen to you? In my line of work, I often have to shave on the run, and conventional electrics can grind and cut your face. And no one wants to lose an election by a whisker! [ laughs ] And that is why I use Dorelco’s new cordless rotary-free. [ demonstrates ] Ahh.. a clean, close, and comfortable shave.. [ stops ]

Gary Kroeger: [ breaks character, starts peeling off the fake Walter Mondale nose ] What am I doing? I’m, uh.. I’m Gary Kroeger. And I spent the summer working up a Walter Mondale impression. Good thinking, Kroeger! You know, I figured I’d have an impression that I could do at least four years. Thanks a lot, Walter! Mr. 13 Electoral Votes!

I only had a chance to do him once on the show, just once, in a sketch last week.. some of you might have seen it. [ holds up a still picture from the sketch, pointing to a blackened Minnesota ] Isn’t that something? It’s funny how life imitates art. The sketch died, too. Now, before I hang up the nose and the hair and take off the bags, I’d like you to indulge me for a moment.. [ puts the fake nose back on ] I’d like to do Walter Mondale for the very last time on this show.

Walter Mondale: “Live, from New York, a state I thought I carried, it’s Saturday Night!”

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