SNL Transcripts: Ed Asner: 11/17/84

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November 17th, 1984

Ed Asner

The Kinks


The Kinks, “Do It Again”

  • Lou Grant Rescue Mission

  • Ed Asner’s Monologue

  • “Wing Tips”

  • Ed Grimley Thanksgiving

    Recurring Characters: Ed Grimley.

  • 60 Minutes

    Recurring Characters: Herb Minkman, Al Minkman.

  • Me & Julio

    Recurring Characters: Alfalfa.

  • Ricky Goes Bowling

    Recurring Characters: Ricky.

  • Tippi Turtle

  • Saturday Night News with Ed Asner

  • The Kinks performs “Do It Again”

  • Nuclear Retiree

  • National Adopt A Non-Smoker Day

  • The Kinks performs “Word Of Mouth”

  • Peter Pan, the Later Years

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