SNL Transcripts: Ringo Starr: 12/08/84

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December 8th, 1984

Ringo Starr

Herbie Hancock

Barbara Bach

Herbie Hancock, “Rockit”

  • Beatles Memorabilia Auction

  • Ringo Starr’s Monologue

  • Ed Grimley

    Recurring Characters: Ed Grimley.

  • “Do What We Say, & Nobody Gets Hurt”

    (Repeat) See: 02/26/83.

  • Willie & Frankie

    Recurring Characters: Willie & Frankie.

  • Beatles Memorabilia Auction: The Day After

  • Strictly From Blackwell

    Recurring Characters: Mr. Blackwell, Rajeev Vindaloo.

  • Massacre on 34th Street

  • WWII Reverse Psychology

  • Herbie Hancock performs “Junku”

  • Fernando’s Hideaway

    Recurring Characters: Fernando.

  • Mentally Ill Job Interview

  • Herbie Hancock performs “Rockit”

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