SNL Transcripts: Eddie Murphy: 12/15/84

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December 15th, 1984

Eddie Murphy

Robert Plant & The Honeydrippers

Barbara Bach

  • Buckwheat’s Still Alive

    Recurring Characters: Alfalfa, Buckwheat.

  • Eddie Murphy’s Monologue

  • White Like Eddie

  • Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood

    Recurring Characters: Mister Robinson.

  • Milestones

  • Lifestyles of the Relatives of the Rich & Famous

  • Buckwheat Exposed

    Recurring Characters: Buckwheat, Alfalfa.

  • Robert Plant & The Honeydrippers perform “Rockin’ at Midnight”

  • Lishman’s Deli

    Recurring Characters: Gumby, Irving Cohen, Lew Goldman.

  • Newsmakers

  • Black History Minute

  • Lawrence Can’t Climb Stairs

    Recurring Characters: Lawrence.

  • Saturday Night News with Christopher Guest

    Recurring Characters: Angela Bradleigh.

  • Robert Plant & The Honeydrippers perform “Santa Claus is Back in Town”

  • Killing Time

  • Goodnights

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