SNL Transcripts: Eddie Murphy: 12/15/84: Killing Time

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 10: Episode 9

84i: Eddie Murphy / Robert Plant & The Honeydrippers

Killing Time

…..Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy: You know what happened? You people out there just missed a dirty joke I told!

[ Audience laughs and cheers. Eddie belts out his trademark laugh. ]

Eddie Murphy: You know what happened? They timed the show wrong, right? And they thought the show was going to be 30 seconds longer — and like now -– they don’t have no sketch or NOTHING!

[ Audience laughs hard. Eddie points to the OFF-SCREEN crew]

Eddie Murphy: How much time do I have? Eight seconds? Seven… six? Here, quick — I’m gonna play the piano!

[ Eddie sits down at The Honeydrippers’ piano and starts playing different notes. The audience cheers wildly. ]

[ DISSOLVE to bumper photo ]

[ fade ]

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