Prince: “I Am Also The World”


Prince: “I Am Also The World”

Mark Goodman…Rich Hall
Prince…Billy Crystal
Backup Singer #1…Julia-Louis Dreyfuss
Backup Singer #2…Mary Gross
Bodyguard #1…Mr. T
Bodyguard #2…Hulk Hogan
Bruce Springsteen…Gary Kroeger
Paul Simon…Martin Short
Willie Nelson…Jim Belushi
Cyndi Lauper…Pamela Stephenson

(Open on video of people polka dancing)

Polka for Africa Singers:
“We will polka for peace,
we will polka for lunch,
it’s a worldwide polka brunch!”

(SUPER: POLKA for AFRICA, Send contributions to: P. O. Box 321, Cicero,Illinois)

(shows video in MTV studio, with Mark Goodman as VJ)

Mark Goodman: That’s “Polka For Africa”, and I’m Mark Goodman. Speaking of that, as you know, Prince did not appear in the big “USA For Africa” video because he was busy bailing out his bodyguards after they beat up some of his fans outside of a Hollywood restaurant. But now, the sultan of screen has organized his own video effort for the world hunger, and here it is now in an MTV exclusive.

(opens on Prince’s video, where he is at a recording session with backup singers and bodyguards)

Backup Singer #1: “There is a time when he must heed a certain call-“

Backup Singer #2: “Bodyguards calling to be set free.”

Backup Singers: “But they went ahead, and held the session anyway-“

“But those muthas aren’t the world without me!
I am also the world,
I am also the children,
I am the one who had to bail them out,
Now ain’t that givin’!

It’s a choice I made!
The kids will have to wait,
There’s get to be another way to get on MTV.”

(Bruce Springsteen comes in, Prince signals to his bodyguards, who beat him up)

Bruce Springsteen: “We are the world, We are the child-“

(knocked down by bodyguards and carried off)

Prince: “I am the one who makes a brighter day, but just don’t push me!”

(Willie Nelson and Paul Simon enter)

Paul Simon: “Oh, there’s a choice we’re making,”

Paul Simon and Willie Nelson: “We’re saving our own lives,It’s true-“

(Willie Nelson and Paul Simon are carried off by bodyguards asthey scream in pain)

Prince: “I am also the world!”

Bruce Springsteen: (rising) “We are also the children!”

(Bodyguard #1 beats Bruce Springsteen to the ground)

Bodyguard #1: Shut up fool! (To Prince) Not you, sir!

Prince: “Start giving!”

(Cyndi Lauper enters)

Cyndi Lauper: “Well, well, well, let’s realize that a change can only come-“

(backup singers punch Cyndi in the stomach and knock her to the ground; bodyguards re-enter, Prince pulls open his shirt)

“I am the world,
I am the children,
I am the one who makes a brighter day,”

Prince and Bodyguards: You wanna make something of it!

“So I’ve got to say,
And I know this may sound trite,
Live from New York,”

Prince and Bodyguards: “It’s Saturday Night!”

Thanks to Tony Dumont for this transcript!

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