Cabrini Green Coloring Book


Cabrini Green Coloring Book

Cabrini Green…..Danitra Vance

Cabrini Green: What’s happening? My name is Cabrini Green-Jackson. Um.. I’m an international spokesmodel. Not like the spokesmodels on “Star Search” – they ain’t about nothing! Um.. my full name is Cabrini Green-Harlem-Watts-Jackson. I’m a Libra, my favorite sport is running, I’m in tenth grade, I’m 17 years old, and I have two children. I speak for teenage mothers, I speak for just-about-to-be-mothers, and for don’t-wanna-be-mothers – I been all three!

So, I’ll never forget this one day – I was at home, my momma was fixing some corn bread, black-eyed peas, cnadied yam with neck bones and some Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. I said, “Hi, Momma, you wanna hear a joke? I’m pregnant.” She said, “How did that happen?” I said, “How am I supposed to know how that happened? You never told me nothing about things like that, the school don’t teach us about things like that, you’re asking me how that happened? How’d that happen? How’d that happen?” I finally said, I said, “Momma, you know it didn’t happen when Mary got Jesus, because we not Catholic!”

But don’t get me wrong – I love my Momma, you dig? It was just that that day she was getting on my very last nerve, you know what I’m saying? But anyway, my Momma, she helped me a lot with Binky and everything like that, but I could have avoided the whole thing with Binky if I had had this.. [ holds up coloring book ] ..the Cabrini Green “I Don’t Want A Baby” coloring book. It start off with two hearts – two hearts that beat as one. It’s very romantic, because, of course, I wrote this book myself. I think it’s gonna be very big. It’s got all kinds of physical charts, scientific programs, and it also has some porno pictures, so you can know what the real deal is!

Thank you very much.

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Author: Don Roy King

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