SNL Transcripts: Madonna: 11/09/85: The Limits of the Imagination


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 11: Episode 1

85a: Madonna / Simple Minds

The Limits of the Imagination

Nancy Duncan…..Madonna
Killer…..Jon Lovitz
Floating Head…..Randy Quaid




A FLOATING HEAD, with curly hair and glasses, looks directly at us.

Floating Head: The Limits of Imagination.



The camera pans down on a white car telephone cord. The telephone rings.

Nancy Duncan: Hello.

Killer (V/O): Hello, Nancy?

Nancy Duncan: Who is this? And why are you calling me?

[ A dial tone. Nancy hangs up the telephone. She wipes her right cheek. The telephone rings again. Nancy bits her lower lip and darts her eyes left and right. She answers the telephone. ]

Nancy Duncan: Hello?

Killer (V/O): I can see you Nancy!

Nancy Duncan: Please, please, stop bothering me!

[ The killer’s voice cackles and hangs up. Nancy follows suit. The telephone rings. Nancy hesitates for some time then answers. ]

Nancy Duncan: Stop it! Stop it! I can’t take it anymore!

Sgt. Tidrow (V/O): Miss Duncan? This is Sergeant Tidrow. We’ve managed to trace the calls — they’re coming from inside the car.

[ Nancy gasps. She glances at all the car’s doors and hits the accelerator. ]


A stoplight turns red. Nancy careens her car to an abrupt stop and hits her head on the steering wheel. She checks herself.

Sgt. Tidrow (V/O): Miss Duncan? Miss Duncan? Are you hurt?

Nancy Duncan: No Mom, I’m all right… It’s the car.

Sgt. Tidrow (V/O): Yes… the car… it’s all right. I want you to get out of the car and see if you have engine trouble. Act naturally and don’t make any sudden moves.

Nancy Duncan: All right, I will. Goodbye Mom.

[ Nancy hangs up the telephone. She steps out of the vehicle and approaches the hood. She opens it. A stocky, well-dressed, bald with patches – THE KILLER – lunges his arms towards Nancy. Nancy screams. The killer has control of Nancy and holds her down on the hood. ]

Killer: I got you, Nancy!

[ The car’s truck pops open. The floating head, now attached to his full body wearing a sandy blazer, tie, and black slacks, arises with a cigarette in his mouth and a revolver in his right hand. He fires three shots at the killer, who’s choking Nancy. The gunshots subdue the killer as he falls dead to the ground. Nancy rushes to the floating head and embraces him. He holds her close and faces the camera. ]

Floating Head: A beautiful woman. A psychotic killer. Perhaps you’ve seen it before. You may see it again, the next time we reach — “The Limits of Imagination”.

[ The floating head escorts Nancy back to her car. ]



Submitted by: Cody Downs

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