SNL Transcripts: Chevy Chase: 11/16/85


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November 16th, 1985

Chevy Chase

Sheila E.


Sheila E., “Hollyrock”

  • Smoky Hallways

    Fire Chief (Chevy Chase) makes sure his men check every door in sight.

  • Chevy Chase’s Monologue

    Chevy Chase gives reminisces about the studio and gives words of advice to promising new cast member Jon Lovitz.

  • Wacky Glue

    Extremely adhesive.

  • The Pat Stevens Show

    Pat (Nora Dunn) interviews a feminist stripper (Danitra Vance).

    Recurring Characters: Pat Stevens.

  • Ford/Reagan

    Gerald Ford (Chase) counsels President Reagan (Randy Quaid) on the Soviets.

    Recurring Characters: President Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford.

  • Sheila E. performs “Hollyrock”

  • Freedom From Trojans

    A message of importance.

  • Those Unlucky Andersons

    Suburban family is plagued with problems throughout their home.

  • Weekend Update with Dennis Miller

    Damon Wayans proposes “Mo’ Money” technique against foreign countries.

  • Jose Cuervo’s Party School Bowl

    Questions are ridiculously easy.

  • The Life of Vlad The Impaler

    Transylvanian prince (Randy Quaid) has doubts.

  • The Blue, The Gray, & The Yellow

    Civi War memories of the cowardly.

  • Drums, Drums, Drums!

    Chase demonstrates his prowess in new instrumental album.

  • Pathological Liars Anonymous

    Tommy Flanagan (Jon Lovitz) promotes his organization.

    Recurring Characters: Tommy Flanagan.

  • Sheila E. performs “A Love Bizarre”

  • Craig Sundberg, Idiot Savant

    Craig (Anthony Michael Hall) judges a violin recital in Moscow.

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