SNL Transcripts: John Lithgow: 12/07/85: The Ad Council

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  Season 11: Episode 4

85d: John Lithgow / Mr. Mister

The Ad Council

[ open on Spokesman walking past an electrical plant, dressed in a business suit ]

Spokesman: It takes many things to make this country great, and energy is just one of them. But there was a time when America needed less of its scarce resources..

[ Spokesman walks into a country plain, now wearing a country shirt, bandanna, and jeans. A cowboy riding a horse can be seen behind him. ]

A time when the cowboy and his horse ruled the fertile farmlands and grasslands of these United States. But now those same grasslands are full of..

[ he walks into a wheatfield, wearing a turtleneck, a flannel shirt and green denim ]

..pollen and other irritants. Now some people don’t get hay fever, but those of us who do, need relief. Relief, and security..

[ he walks past a stock exchange, his outfit changes to a three-piece suit, with glasses ]

..Sound, financial security. The kind of security you get..

[ now walks onto a suburban block, outfit changes to a casual suit ]..from living in a good neighborhood. [ looks up ] Hi, kids! [ his children run up to him, daughter hands him a can of soda ] You know, when I was Tommy’s age, I played little league baseball right over there. [ drinks from can marked “SODA” ] Mmm. That’s cracklin’ good. Let’s go home, kids!

[ they walk towards home ]

Announcer: This message brought to you by The Ad Council. Wasting your time in various ways.. for no good reason.

Thanks to Tony DuMontfor this transcript.

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