SNL Transcripts: Jay Leno: 02/22/86


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February 22nd, 1986

Jay Leno

The Neville Brothers

Mike the Dog

  • Backstage With Tommy

    Tommy Flanagan (Jon Lovitz) gives Leno a backstage tour of Studio 8-H, which he owns.

    Recurring Characters: Tommy Flanagan.

  • Jay Leno’s Monologue

    Leno performs stand-up on TV Guide, The People’s Court, game shows, insurance
    companies, celebrity endorsements and Charles Manson.

  • Target Earth

    Less-advanced aliens (Leno, Robert Downey, Jr.) act superior while attempting
    to take miserable Earth creatures in as their slaves.

  • Dinner Reunion

    At restaurant, Mike the Dog snuffs his former owner (Randy Quaid).

  • The Neville Brothers perform “The Big Chief”

  • Weekend Update with Dennis Miller

    The Weekend Update Dancers dance to “Living In America” as a tribute to the
    flu outbreak.

    A. Whitney Brown delivers Big Picture on Iran and Iraq.

  • Star Search

    Ed McMahon (Randy Quaid) and spokesmodel (Nora Dunn) introduce contestants.

    Recurring Characters: Ed MacMahon.

  • Jay’s Evil Twin

    Leno uses fake moustache to determine if date (Joan Cusack) will put out.

  • Observational Stand-Ups II

    Observational stand-ups (Jon Lovitz, Dennis Miller, Damon Wayans) receive advice
    from Jackie Niles (Leno).

  • Man Beat Magazine

    Lyle Alzado (Randy Quaid) bullies magazine spokesman (Robert Downey, Jr.).

  • The Neville Brothers perform “The Midnight Key”

  • The Further Adventures of Biff & Salena

    Dull Biff (Jon Lovitz) and Selena (Joan Cusack) make small talk, plan trip.

    Recurring Characters: Biff, Selena.

  • Goodnights

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