SNL Transcripts: Malcolm-Jamal Warner: 10/18/86


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October 18th, 1986

Malcolm-Jamal Warner


Spike Lee

Sam Kinison

Run-DMC, “Walk This Way”

  • Bartles & Jaymes

    Frank Bartles (Phil Hartman) & Ed Jaymes (A. Whitney Brown) denounce crack.

  • Malcolm Jamal Warner’s Monologue

    Dana Carvey helps self-concious Warner dance in front of the audience.

  • Team Xynex

    Time-saving business helps employees goof off more productively.

  • Donahue

    Donahue (Phil Hartman) talks with women in exploitive relationships.

    Recurring Characters: Phil Donahue.

  • The Crosby Show

    Theo Huxtable (Warner) dreams Bing Crosby (Phil Hartman) is his dad.

  • Run-DMC performs “Walk This Way”

  • Weekend Update with Dennis Miller

    Kevin Nealon rambles on in search of what he’s really trying to say.

    Casey Kasem (Dana Carvey) pronounces Queen #1 rock group of all time.

    Recurring Characters: Casey Kasem.

  • Johnny O’Conner

    End of WWII diminishes Johnny’s (Phil Hartman) film career.

    Recurring Characters: Johnny O’Conner.

  • Instant Coffee

    Mango recalls dating Patrow, and thwarts Matt Damon’s advances.

    Recurring Characters: Candy Sweeney, Liz Sweeney.

  • Contract

    Warner has negogiated a user-friendly parent-teen drunk driving contract.

  • Sam Kinison

    Kinison performs stand-up about growing up in his family.

  • Run-DMC performs “Hit It, Run”

  • Chalk Factory

    Son (Warner) doesn’t want to follow in dad’s (Dana Carvey) footsteps.

  • Buster Poindexter performs “Hit The Road Jack”

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