Johnny O’Connor


Johnny O’Connor

Harry…..Jon Lovitz
Johnny O’Connor…..Phil Hartman

[ SUPER: 1947 Hollywood ] [ open on Harry’s office – the walls adorned with Johnny O’Connor movie posters ]

Harry: Johnny! Good to see you!

Johnny O’Connor: Hello, Harry, how’s tricks?

Harry: not bad for an old dog! [ both men laugh ] Have a seat. [ Johnny sits ] How’s the film going?

Johnny O’Connor: Well, I just shot the last scene. [ re-enacts that last scene for Harry ] There I was in the cockpit, surrounded by zeroes, enemy aircraft carrier in my sight! My machine guns were empty! I had one bullet left! [ screams ] Aaaagggghhhhhhh!!!!

Harry: [ jumps up ] Alright, snap out of it!

Johnny O’Connor: You snap out of it!

Harry: You snap out of it! [ slaps Jonnhy’s face ]

Johnny O’Connor: Sorry, Harry. I think I got a little lost in this role.

Harry: Yeah, I guess you did.

Johnny O’Connor: Anyway, I’m sure “Yankee Kamikazee” is going to be a real winner.

Harry: Well, I hope you’re right..

Johnny O’Connor: [ reflecting ] Maybe I’ve made too many of these war movies. Maybe I should take a rest, huh, Harry?

Harry: Well, I’m glad you brought that up, Johnny.. I was thinking you should take a rest, too. A permanent one.

Johnny O’Connor: [ confused ] What do you mean?

Harry: I’m letting you go.

Johnny O’Connor: You mean..?

Harry: Yes. Your contract isn’t being renewed.

Johnny O’Connor: But, Harry, I..

Harry: You’re finished, Johnny!

Johnny O’Connor: Don’t mince words!

Harry: I think you stink!

Johnny O’Connor: Listen, Harry, if you’re unhappy with my work, tell me now!

Harry: You’re through, do you hear me, through! You’ll never work in this town again!

Johnny O’Connor:Don’t leave me hanging by a thread! Let me know how I stand!

Harry: I think you’re the worst actor I’ve ever seen, and I get five hundred letters a day telling me the same!

Johnny O’Connor: What’s the word on the street?

Harry: [ angry ] Now, you listen to me, Johnny O’Connor: you’ve been flying in that airplane too long, and it’s time you were grounded!

Johnny O’Connor: Nobody shoots down Johnny O’Connor.. You’re forgetting something, Harry! I’m a hero! I’ve made twelve war movies for you, Harry, and they’ve all made gold! I’ve knocked more Mitsubishis out of the sky than any man alive!

Harry: Look, Johnny.. Johnny, you’re forgetting something: the Japanese are our allies now. The war is over, Johnny. So are you.

Johnny O’Connor: [ persistent ] Is it the booze, Harry? The dames? I’ll cut back!

Harry: No, no, Johnny..

Johnny O’Connor: Is it the pills?

Harry: No.

Johnny O’Connor: The sheep?

Harry: No.

Johnny O’Connor: The ducks?

Harry: No.

Johnny O’Connor: Your wife?

Harry: No, not.. what?!

Johnny O’Connor: What?!

Harry: What?! Oh! Get off!

Johnny O’Connor: [ near tears ] I’m sorry if I let you down, Harry. You’ve always been like a father to me..

Harry: [ reconsidering ] Oh, Johnny.. Johnny.. Alright. I’m going to give you one more chance..

Johnny O’Connor: [ excited ] Do you mean it, Harry?

Harry: Yes, I’m afraid I do.. Now, listen – I’m doing a new picture: “Reptilla”. A lizard gets mutated by an atomic blast, see? It swells up, twenty stories high! And there’s a fire-breathing tango all over Tokyo!

Johnny O’Connor: [ thinking ] Yeah.. yeah.. I think I can play a giant reptile..

Harry: Don’t be ridiculous! Reptilla will be played by a man in a rubber suit.

Johnny O’Connor: Oh.. I don’t want my face covered.

Harry: Of course not. Now, the part I have in mind for you is this one.. [ flips through script ] You’re Man #3.

Johnny O’Connor: Man #3.

Harry: You’re on an elevated train. You slip off, and get squished by Reptilla’s toe. Here, read this line.

Johnny O’Connor: [ looks at the line and recites it dramatically ] Aaaagggghhhhhh!!

Harry: Good! You can start packing, we sail a week from Tuesday.

Johnny O’Connor: Thanks, Harry, you won’t regret it! [ walks away from Harry ]

Harry: Hey, don’t forget your script!

Johnny O’Connor: [ returns, grabs script ] Yes! Science fiction! The wave of the future!

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Author: Don Roy King

Don Roy King has directed fourteen seasons of Saturday Night Live. That work has earned him ten Emmys and fourteen nominations. Additionally, he has been nominated for fifteen DGA Awards and won in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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