SNL Transcripts: Rosanna Arquette: 11/08/86

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November 8th, 1986

Rosanna Arquette

Ric Ocasek

Ron Darling

Ric Ocasek, “Emotion in Motion”.

  • Newsreel

    Last week’s World Series caused SNL to be pre-taped for this week.

  • Neck With Producer

    Pathological Liar Tommy Flanagan (Jon Lovitz) tells Arquette he’s Lorne Michaels.

    Recurring Characters: Tommy Flanagan.

  • Rosanna Arquette’s Monologue

    Arquette doesn’t want to say too much about who she’s voting for.

  • The People’s Court

    Mephistopheles (Jon Lovitz) is sued by hairdresser (Arquette) he cheated.

    Recurring Characters: Mephistopheles.

  • Church Chat

    Church Lady (Dana Carvey) prejudges Arquette and Ric Ocasek

    Recurring Characters: Church Lady, Jenny Baker,

  • Helmsley Spook House

    Leona Helmsley (Nora Dunn) goes all out to scare visitors.

    Recurring Characters: Leona Helmsley,

  • Ric Ocasek performs “Emotion in Motion”

  • Pork Ad I

    Eat it while you still can.

  • Weekend Update with Dennis Miller

    A. Whitney Brown gives his thoughts on censorship.

  • The Sammies

    The Sammies (Dana Carvey, Kevin Nealon) have low expectations for their lives.

    Recurring Characters: Sammie, Sammie.

  • “Dog Baseball”

    William Wegman film shows dogs playing baseball.

  • Make Joan Baez Laugh

    Comedians lend a hand on impossible-to-win game show.

  • Pork Ad II

    Think of it as a reward.

  • Ric Ocasek performs “Keep On Laughin'”

  • Koko & Mishu

    Koko (Dennis Miller) teaches patience to Lebee (Kevin Nealon).

  • “I Saw God”

  • “Pango, Giant Dog of Tokyo”

    Japanese miniatures are terrorized in film.

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